Reality, Get a Grip on Me!

As I wandered yesterday in a writing daze I managed to lose my car.  Yeah, really.  And I don’t mean like in a big parking lot or anything.  I went to the bank, to do bank – like things, PARKED the car there, then WALKED over to the post office to do PO-like things, then walked out of the PO and into their parking lot, and stood there dumbstruck while I tried to figure out where my car was.

I was two seconds from reporting my car stolen when I happened to see it sitting in the bank’s parking lot, right next door.  I imagine it was thinking, “Owner!  Owner!  Here I am!  If only I could draw attention to myself somehow – nevermind that fact that I’m hulking piece of machinery directly in your line of sight!”

Sigh… so what’s your story?  Do you ever indulge in acts of idiocy while an awesome scene is playing out in your head?

10 thoughts on “Reality, Get a Grip on Me!

  1. I flooded my kitchen once. I'd started filling up a sink to clean the dishes, had an inspirational thought and rushed to jot it down. About half an hour later I heard water running on the other side of the house, thought it was the munchkins committing a no-no, and rushed into a soaked dining room and kitchen. It took me three hours to mop it up. I try not to be so addle-brained now when inspiration strikes. lol

  2. I have a crazy-long commute, and sometimes I'm in such a writerly fog, I lose the whole two hours.

    But I've done the car thing too– more often than I'll admit.

    Congratulations on your new agent. I stopped in after reading your interview over at QueryTracker.

  3. It is soooo good to know I'm not alone. The fake people in my head take precendence over real objects way too often! When I was searching for clip art for this post I found so many of a car dented into a tree or a pole with the driver scratching thier head looking bemused… I decided not to tempt fate.

    Perri – so good to have you! I can easily say I've lost drivetime where I'm at my destination and I'm thinking…. how did I get here?!?

  4. Okay, I can SO relate to your final sentence in the comment reply you posted.

    I once had an angel reader come to our crit group (long story … we were all writing/researching books about angels, so we took the plunge for creativity's sake–ha!). Anyway, when it came time for her to “read” me, she said, “You’re talking on your cell phone too much when you drive. You’re not concentrating on the road.”

    Truth is, I NEVER talk on my cell phone when I drive. As a matter of fact, I rarely use my cell phone at all. I’m notorious for letting its battery die and forgetting it’s even in my purse. I made those same points to her.

    “But you’re distracted by something,” she says. “You end up from point A to B sometimes without even remembering the drive there.”

    This is when one of my crit buds chimes in, “She’s thinking of her stories.”

    It's true! I’m often plotting scenes or spinning dialogue in my mind — even when I’m driving. And there have been times I’m so intent on what’s going on in my head, I end up driving on auto pilot. Not smart.

    To end my session, the angel reader leans across the table. BE CAREFUL. That’s all she said. But woa. Talk about a wake up call. 😉

  5. My writer buddies have a term for it–creative amnesia. When we're so busy thinking of anything other than what we're doing (which means we're probably plotting in our heads or having a conversation with one of our characters) and we forget where we put stuff–including cars. Great story–I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this stuff!

  6. Oh thank God… so this is a writer thing, and not just a general going insane thing? Not that I'm using the blog to alleviate my personal fears….

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