Treadmill of Death and Other Stories

So I have a treadmill now, despite a horrific accident roughly four years ago that resulted in my brother-in-law saving my life as I sped backward, and an awkward entanglement of limbs at family Christmas.  This treadmill is much less devious than that one, and since we’ve now established a relationship that doesn’t require me casting a suspicious eye on it as I run, I’m free to indulge in listening to an audiobook, or… a podcast.
I found a great series – Meet the Author – on iTunes free podcasts.  There are some big names on there, in nice little one-sitting interviews that you can tune into while exercising, walking the dog, or lying comatose on your couch (as long as you prefer your comatose periods to be short lived).  It’s free advice from people who know what they’re doing – check it out!

4 thoughts on “Treadmill of Death and Other Stories

  1. Hey, that's interesting! Thanks for the info!
    About the treadmill, I have one, and now I am suspicious of it… Limbs, accident, you said? lol *trying to find an excuse to justify not working out regularly*

  2. As long as you approach them cautiously and make it clear you're suspicious of them from the beginning, they appear to be less tempermental. Now, all this is coming from someone who pulled a neck muscle curling her hair… so, grain of salt.

  3. Good luck w/the treadmill, Mindy. Sounds like you've got your bluff in.

    Thanks for the heads up about the author interviews. COOL.

  4. I have an eliptical. When I bought it, I was having problems with my knees and I thought this would be easier on them. I used it for a few months, then quit.

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