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Ok so yeah…  so even though I’m late to the fun it IS still Friday.  Regardless of the fact that I woke up thinking it was Saturday due to no work today, and dropped my kid off at an Easter party.  Ahem.  On the wrong day.

So my blogger buddy Anita over at A Still and Quiet Madness started up a fun game this morning – blog tag.  She posted Seven Things You Don’t Know About Her and dared her followers to come up with their own.  I’m all about telling you guys random things about myself, so here’s my contribution –

1) I passed out in the London tube one time.  Totally awesome.  I was about three months pregnant and suddenly, I was just… down.  British men are very chivalrous!

2) The house I lived in before this one was quite haunted.  I could tell you some stories, but I’ll save those for Halloween time blog posts.

3) I double majored in English Literature and also Religion (as in the study of), and minored in History.  The result is that I am not qualified to do much in the work field, but I am your go-to person for decoding LOST.

4) My yard is five acres.  Seriously.  I’ve written novels in my head while mowing.  Cover to cover.

5) The b/f (who btw is AWESOME) was one of my best friends in high school.  He was an urban import (we were highly rural) my sophomore year.  We were bf’s for three years and never so much as held hands.  I hadn’t talked to or seen him for over a dozen years (he moved to Pittsburgh) when I got a divorce, and was hanging out with old friends and said, “Does anyone know whatever happened to ______?”  Turns out he’d moved back home, somebody had his number and gave him a call.  He dropped by and it was like this – SHA-ZAM!  As teens it just wasn’t there, as adults we both looked at each other and said, “Uh… Hi.”  : )

6) I’m an intensely practical person – if I haven’t worn, used it, or touched it in a year – it’s gone.  (This does not apply to books).

7) I’m insane with the hobbies and need to back off them – I’m a knitter, a cross stitcher and an amateur genealogist.  I’ve traced my German lines to the 16th century, my Irish I’m still stuck in Pennsylvania around 1775.  I did unearth an honest-to-goodness axe murderer in that Irish line – no shit.  I can get a blog post out of that, and I will 🙂

Who else wants to play?  Even if you don’t get that blog post up until tomorrow, I think the challenge is on going!  Tell us 7 Things About Yourself!

6 thoughts on “Tag – I’m IT! Blog Tag Friday

  1. Dude, I played this game on Anita's post and thought she had some wacky skeletons in her closet, but you take the cake, Lizzie Borden!!

    I can't do 7 right now, but will add these for your entertainment:

    1) My father (recently retired minister) picked me up from high school in a sky blue, 1967 winnebago that doubled as a side-folding-down puppet theatre with a cartoon bear on the side in a yellow rain jacket holding an umbrella. The caption above the bear said, “GOD'S LOVE SHINES THROUGH”. (This did not go over well with his 15 year-old daughter, though the 1,200 other students at my high school seemed to appreciate it).

    2)When I was 14 I wanted to be the “cool” babysitter, so I took the two girls I was watching doorbell ditching after they swore they wouldn't squeal. The little one lied.

    3) I think Van Halen was only good when Sammy was in the band.

  2. Awesome! Can't wait for the Halloween post as well as the axe murderer ancestor 😉 and very sweet story on bf.

    Happy weekend, BBC! I hope it doesn't include mowing.

  3. Haahaa! That axe murderer thing gave me chills! And your finding love with your best friend from HS story is so romantic. These are great, Mindy! Thanks so much for playing! 🙂

    BTW, I totally agree. This is weekend blog tag. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  4. Bethany – I always said I wanted to find a used hearse to drive around, but I think that car takes the cake!

    Cherie, Anita – yeah, really can't complain on the b/f front. He's the bestest.

    And the axe murderer… yeah. Can you believe it? It's seriously an incredible story. I may just have to tell that one w/out having it tie into writing. Just a great story in itself 🙂

  5. Hi, Mindy! I'm already playing tag with Anita–I came here through Twitter! (I think there's a ride at Disneyland that has an annoying song to describe this serendipity….)

    Descendants of ax murderers are cool. 🙂

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