An Award and A Joke From My Head

It’s Friday and it’s not raining in the Midwest!  These two things converging at the same time have me in a good mood, plus I won a Versatile Blogger award from Cherie over at Ready Write Go!  So here’s me showing off a bit.

And while my anal-retentive side really enjoys shelving books, there is a certain monotony to it that can grate.  Especially when it’s Friday and I’ve got a date with the awesome b/f.

So, combination of upcoming-date-joy and lack-of-rain plus the blogging award has me feeling giddy whilst shelving.  I’m knocking around in the 600 section, shelving Small Arms of the World and all I can think of is this:

6 thoughts on “An Award and A Joke From My Head

  1. Congrats to the well deserved award! I see Cherie hit you before I could! 🙂 She's on the ball. And LOL. I nearly busted out my sickly gallbladder laughing at that picture! Have fun on your date. *wink*

  2. Thanks Anita 🙂 Yeah I gave myself the giggles there in the non-fiction section, but my library isn't the quietest one anyway. But you probably guessed that….

  3. I just looked up VERSATILITY in the dictionary and there was a picture of an unhappy black cat being strangled by a feather boa.

    It's your destiny…congrats!

  4. Look at that bright splash of green! It suits you, my friend =)

    Have you ever dressed BC in green? The pink feather boa was lovely, btw.

    Love the T-Rex pic. Reminds me of the movie Meet the Robinsons (animated) and this T-Rex couldn't get the boy because his arms were teeny.

  5. I've often wondered if the T Rex was a really nice guy in Kindergarten, but all the middle school razzing about his arms turned him into a high school meat eater.

    Yes… I think that green looks nice over here 🙂

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