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I Really Am On Fire, A Thank You, A Shout-Out, and Another Shout-Out

Guess what?!?! I won something – AGAIN! Where was this luck when I was playing Spin the Bottle?  Thanks again to Cherie at Ready Write Go! for awarding me with the Blogger on Fire award, which of course, is only appropriate 🙂 But seriously, a BIG THANK YOU to all my followers – I’ve only been up for about two months and there are clearly more people that find me interesting than I anticipated.

And for everyone who is disappointed that I am not actually on fire, I will share a story from MindyLand.  My big, old farmhouse which holds the Staircase of Fate is also a real bi$#%@ to keep warm in the winter.  So I bought one of those exterior wood burners when we moved in. Pros: it’s nice and cozy inside the house. Cons: I’ve gotta split and load wood constantly.

So I go out one morning this past winter to load that bad boy.  All the wood has burned up, so I stir the ashes to uncover coals, then lean inward to look for their telltale gleam, not realizing that while it’s minus 15 outside the stove, it’s something like 180 inside the stove.  Singed my eyebrows and lashes right off. Right the freak off.  Try going into a school with hundreds of teenagers minus your eyebrows and lashes.  It. Was. A. Long.  Day.

And the Shout Outs – I’ve got a post up at From The Write Angle concerning the explosion of the YA market. We’re a group of writers that cover everything from MG to erotica, screenwriting to non-fiction.  Check us out!

Secondly – one of my awesome betas who I met over at AgentQuery has been doing some great work.  RC Lewis just went to the Editor’s Desk over at Authonomy with her YA S/F title Fingerprints.  You probably guessed that it’s righteous since it made The Desk, but I will attest to it – cause I’m lucky enough to have read it.  So pop over to her blog, Crossing the Helix, to congratulate her if you get the chance.

UPDATE! So… I haven’t caught on fire – yet. However, the electrical system on my car did burn out this morning. As in, Stinky McStinkerton by the time I got it turned off and now I smell like burning plastic at work. Between this and the price of gas I am seriously considering buying a horse.

But – the morning is not a loss! Anita over at A Still and Quiet Madness (excellent blog title, yes?) bestowed upon me The Instrumental Blogger award! My head bows beneath the weight of my laurels 🙂 Well, that and thinking about what it’s going to cost me to fix my car.

Maybe I’ll buy a small airplane…

5 thoughts on “I Really Am On Fire, A Thank You, A Shout-Out, and Another Shout-Out

  1. Congrats on another well deserved award, my friend! And EEK on the eyebrow and eyelash thing!

    Did they grow back? I mean, I've no doubt the eyebrows did … but do eyelashes grow back? I wasn't sure. LOL. So freaky.

    I'll hop over to read your article and give props to your friend sometime this week!

  2. Anita – yes! Eyelashes grow back – and here's something even more embarrassing… it's happened to me more than once. My learning curve is not remarkable.

    RC – that's a well timed comment my friend. Fried the electrical system on my car this morning. Really, really unsure what to do now. May buy a horse.

  3. Pretty soon you'll have to pull an Oprah–decline another Emmy because it's not fair to the rest of the world. 😉 Congrats.

    I've never had full follicular annhilation, but all of the eyelashes on my right eye are stumpy–well, singed is a better word for it. You see, I have a dangerous love affair going with my hair dryer. I like it on HIGH and I like it HOT! My eyelashes do not.

  4. Bethany – it's OK, I have a recurring neck injury due to styling my hair. Somehow I really injured something in my neck six years ago doing my hair (long story) and every now and then it just goes out again and I walk around looking inquisitive for three days or so.

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