Some Refreshing Honesty

I got pulled over this morning.  First time ever.  No lie – I’m 32 and I’ve never seen those lights go flishy-flash in the rear view.  I knew I was busted the second he swung out behind me by the predatory nature of the grill on his car.

You’ll notice by the blog title that I consider lying an integral part of my occupation – but that’s the only place it comes into play.  I find the taxing work of making shit up doesn’t translate into real life.  I am one of those honest people that you either love or want to punch in the face.

So my conversation this morning went like this:

Officer: Morning – do you know why I pulled you over?
Mindy: I was speeding.
Officer: You were doing 50 in a 35.
Mindy: Wow, that’s really bad.
Officer: (blinks and pauses) That could be a high fine, you realize.
Mindy: I’d deserve it.
Officer: Any particular reason you’re in a hurry today?
Mindy: Nope, I’m just driving too fast.

And he let me go.  I’ll add that he cited my flawless driving record and the fact that the limit had *just* changed as I was rolling into the town limits as the reason, but I think he appreciated my honesty, too.  It’s gotta be refreshing for our men and women in the cruisers when somebody says, “Yeah I screwed up,” without the excuses and complaints.

So anyway – use our mutually shared gifts of spinning the stories for good, and keep those creative skills on the far side of the brain in the day-to-day.  You never know when some old-fashioned honesty might benefit you.

And lastly – belated B-day wishes and a big congrats goes out to Ms. Riley Redgate!  She guessed correctly that while Mary Kole does in fact live above a burger joint, she is not a vegetarian.  For her impressive efforts at sorting the truth from fiction she gets a copy of GENERATION DEAD by Daniel Waters.

A new SAT is going up tomorrow!  Stay tuned – and drive safe 🙂

10 thoughts on “Some Refreshing Honesty

  1. Well done. Sometimes we forget how refreshing it is when someone fesses up without a bunch of whining or excuses. I'm glad the officer let you off. 🙂

  2. I had this happen to me once….in a school zone….I taught in the district….I had no excuse. Much you, I accepted the consequences with a smile because I get away with speeding sooooo often it's not even funny.

    However, it was a two-car pull over (yeah, I'm not sure either). I got off, but the first driver in line didn't. Pretty sure I could make out some hand gestures as I drove off scott-free!

  3. The time I got a speeding ticket I also answered honestly. Still got the ticket, going 45 in an area that slowed to 30, but I realized it would have been worse if I got the ticket earlier when I floored to to 65 on residential streets, trying to make it to a wedding on time. I considered myself lucky.

  4. That's great for you! Sometimes people lie just because – and I hate it. And I can't lie – my face flushes and I get nervous, with ice needles in my hindhead. I couldn't even copy on school, and the only time I tried, I failed… LOL

    – EEV

  5. Bethany – yeah of course all the fellas at work said it was the D cups and not the truth that got me out of the lurch, but… how is that possible when I was wearing a zipped up hoodie? 🙂

    Not that having boobs hasn't worked out great in the past…. 🙂

  6. ^EH HEH HEh awkward laughter

    I'll be keeping this in mind when, inevitably, a police officer catches me speeding on my way to school >_< absolutely cannot wake up on time...

  7. I've only ever gotten one speeding ticket. Stick straight country road I traveled every morning, going down hill…the cop, whose name was Officer Thrasher (no joke), couldn't have cared less when I told him I'd never been pulled over before. He said, “you broke your streak with a doozy.”

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