Some YA Romance – 80’s Paperback Style

My family grew up without air conditioning. (What? Call children’s services!!) We also lived in a brick house, which kind of doubled as a gigantic oven for humans during the dog days of summer. My sister and I found relief in the basement. No, not like we climbed down into a dirty hole and hid from the sun – although I have days where that sounds kinda attractive. We had a finished basement, and it was our sanctuary for July and August afternoons, to which we usually retreated with books in our hands.

There was a stretch of time in the 80’s when a line of romance books from Scholastic – called the Sunfire series – was wildly popular in our household. Each book was written by a different author, focused on a historic event in US history, was titled with the female MC’s first name, and inevitably the cover featured our MC and the two dashing young men she would have to choose between. Yes, there was always a triangle. Every. Single. Book. It’s not exactly fresh material.

In any case, Sister and I blew through the series, checking off the little boxes in those handy order forms they printed in the back showing you which titles you didn’t have. Together, we completed the series. When we each got married and moved out neither one of us wanted to bust up the series, but we didn’t want to part with our own books either. Β So industrious me got on Ebay and bought up Sunfire books like mad, managing to put together two complete series.

Yes, they’re that addictive. To this day I can look at the covers and tell you which guy she picked.

Recently my college roommate came over to hang out (and boy, have we got some stories). She tripped over My Little Ponies in the upstairs hallway, brainstormed the names of the JEM dolls with me, then went to the bathroom to find a Rub A Dub Doggy hanging out in the tub. She said, “Mindy, the ’80s aren’t over; they’re at your house.”

And guess what followers? I’ve got an extra copy of VICTORIA by Willo Davis Roberts, to renew your love for the Sunfire series. First person who emails me gets it! And no, I won’t ruin it by telling you which fella Victoria chooses.

Did you love the Sunfire series? Do you remember it? Am I delusional to think someone else out there might care? If you DO care tell me which was your favorite – I’m partial to SABRINA, the Revolutionary War title.


10 thoughts on “Some YA Romance – 80’s Paperback Style

  1. I was probably too young when these came out, but they look great. Definitely 80's!

    Also, I love that you have 80's stuff around your house. πŸ™‚


  2. Well. As the sister I must add that in about 1996 my then boyfriend (now husband) made this comment regarding our parents house.

    “So on the radio the other day there was the discussion about three things no modern home has; a VHS player, air popcorn popper, and rotary phone….you realize your parents have all three.”

    So go 80's you know.


  3. I'm a little older and I missed this series. Also might not have been available in Canada – hard to say.

    It's amazing how a book can bring back memories of when you first read it – or how strong the memories of those books can be. Love it! πŸ™‚


  4. OMG. You won't believe this, but at the middle school library where I used to work, they had several of the books from that series. Victoria was one of them! And yes, the girlies actually check those suckers out still! Once they read one, they always want another. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!


  5. Thanks for participating in my trip down memory lane πŸ™‚ Genn Albin snagged the copy of VICTORIA – so congrats to her. I imagine she'll be scouring used book sales for other Sunfire titles in the future.


  6. Yep, I've read them. My mom bought them like crazy and one of the books, Nora, I think provided enough inspiration for me to write a very different POV story for a science class. Great series, even if they are forumla. I liked the fact that they incorporate history in an entertaining way. I got to the point where I could pick out which guy the girl was going to end up with before reading far into the book, based on the writer alone. You could tell their preferences.

    My Little Ponies. Guilty. I saved all of mine and now my kids play with them.

    So no, you're not delusional. At least not a lone delusional. The 80's won't completely go away for me either.


  7. Yes!!! Thank you for writing a post that would answer my vague, Google-search-at 3a.m. inquiry about “scholastic books girl named 80s”!! I can picture all the covers, but couldn't pinpoint a linking factor (because I remembered they all had different authors), so thank you, thank you for the Sunfire reminder!
    My sister and I read and loved them all,, Jessica, Amanda, Sabrina…I will hunt fit sine copies myself. Thank you again for being the Answer in the Night πŸ™‚


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