BBC’s HoWM – Hell’s Chimney

I’m really glad I can finally
show you a finished room

Part of the charm of having an old house is chimneys. Real brick chimneys that shoot straight through two floors of house, right out of the roof. But I’ve got one in particular that doesn’t seem to end. This bugger has a locatable top (predictably, on the roof), but the bottom seems to keep on going… straight down to, uh, whatever is down there. Also, there’s not a fire*place*, just a chimney. Yes, BBC’s HoWM really is a quirky place.

As a writer, how often are you asked this question: “Where do you get your ideas?”

It just keeps on going down

That’s a tough one, ’cause hell – I don’t know! Sometimes I can trace the origin back to a dream, or something I observed in my people watching that bloomed into a story. But usually I have no idea, and I don’t question it. Inspiration is so fleeting that I don’t search for the source, I’m grateful that it’s there, and to whatever muse feels like I’m the right person to drop it on.

Much like Hell’s Chimney, I don’t ask. I just go with it, decorate around it, and watch what unfolds.

What’s your source of inspiration?


3 thoughts on “BBC’s HoWM – Hell’s Chimney

  1. Like you, sometimes my inspiration comes from out of nowhere. Other times, it comes from music, movies, or other books. Sometimes I'll sit back and think about my favorite movies/books and try to figure out why exactly I love them so much. Then, I'll take that and try to put it into my own work. For example, I love books/movies with plot twists at the end, so my projects tend to always have a little something unexpected at the end :o)


  2. I believe what you have there is a very old heating system. From what I know of it, there probably was a shoot on the outside where someone would come and drop coals down. I'm not 100% sure how they work, but I would think that there has to have been an opening somewhere on the bottom for people to manipulate an ongoing fire if they had to.

    My in-laws had something like this. You can see where the shoot was sealed off and you can see where the opening in the basement was sealed off. So now it's just a pillar of brick.

    Someone who is more into the history of houses could probably give a better explanation than me.


  3. Derrick – I've got an old coal chute on the other side of the basement, and judging from the scorch marks on my dining room floor I think there used to be an old stand-alone metal fireplace there, going out through the pipe opening that's now covered. You can't tell in this picture, but the bottom part of the bricks in the dining room are newer and pulling away from the top section a little. I'm not sure if it's where there used to be a fireplace “mouth” or if it was chute, like you're saying.

    Angela – yes, inspiration is so hard to pin down. I find inspiration in music often, but usually it's supplementing a story I've already got going. The new seeds… I'm not sure who plants them, or how they get there.


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