Thursday Thoughts

I have a roving mind. I’m sure that’s a shock to everyone. Through the course of each week I tend to accumulate random wonderings in my mind, most of which never evolve into anything other than a niggling question that’s going to bother me until I 1) ask someone who knows or 2) go find the answer myself.
Thoughts lately:
This is Mo, she is alright, despite having
accidentally licked her own intestine.

1) If you follow my Twitter feed you know there was a kitty emergency last week. I took a kitty (Mo) to be spayed, then the next day she burst her stitches and suddenly some of her inside parts were on the outside. I found a vet who would see me at 8 o’clock at night and fix her up for me. I’ve never seen a cat go under, but when Mo took the shot in the muscle her eyes dilated to the size of a quarter. Turns out what they give them is part hallucinogen. Which left me wondering – what do cats hallucinate about?

2) Who decided which plants are weeds and which are flowers? I have some fairly attractive weeds that grow in my area, why can’t I call them flowers and let them do as they please?

3) I can’t claim this wonderful thought as my own, this gem comes from an old college buddy. Why do our hair and nails suddenly become repulsive when they’re no longer attached to our bodies? While we’ve got ’em we style them, brush them, dye them, paint them, use them as flirtation devices. Once off we’re all “No! No! Get it away from me! Burn it! Compost it! Make it die!”

What are your Thursday Thoughts? Email them to me, and if you’re weird enough, I’ll share them!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Poor Mo! I'm glad she's all stitched up. That's pretty bizarre, but I've heard of it happening. My dd, 12 yr. old with autism, had oral surgery last week. She had three stitches on the side of her tongue and decided she couldn't stand them in her mouth. So two hours after we got home from the office, she'd pulled them all out. I have no idea how her tongue held together, but it did. I was both mortified and relieved when it held. 😉

  2. So glad you kitty is doing well. And the weeds vs flowers thing? If you think they are flowers, then they are–most flowers started as some sort of weed, supposedly.

  3. Suzanne – OUCH! That comment made me flinch, and I'm not a natural flincher.

    Mary – Good tip! I will remember that when doing my er… “weeding,” which, I do so often 😉

    Bethany – I agree. As did Mo, and the vet.

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