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A BBCHAT with Kathleen Ortiz

Today BBCHAT continues! Bigblackcat’s Humane Agent Talk: In Which A Particularly Agreeable Agent Answers a Series of Questions that Have Nothing to do with Queries or Submission Guidelines. Yeah, don’t try to make an acronym out of that last bit. 
The BBCHAT is designed to get the personality of the agent in the spotlight, and an enterprising querier can use this information to figure out if the agent is a good fit for them, rather than just another agent who happens to cover their genre.
The last question involves something that oddly resembles a contest, and ties in with the blog name. Note the rules: to participate you need to follow the blog (so include your screenname in the email so that I can identify you), and your answer must come in an email to me, not a post in the comments section. First person to email me with the correct answer wins. You’ll notice the “email me” link above my followers box to the right. Or maybe you won’t notice it. In which case, you’ll be totally flummoxed.
A trio of lovely ladies over at Nancy Coffey Literary have agreed to do the BBCHAT, so you’ll want to stay tuned in the days to come to learn more about these great agents and chances to win books!
Today’s guest is Kathleen Ortiz. As a former online editor and interactive designer, Kathleen uses her experience in online marketing to help authors build their communities and promote themselves and their books. She looks past the pages of a story and thinks of ways to help authors reach more readers so they can interact with the characters and their world.
She is currently looking for YA (especially cyberpunk, thrillers and anything dark/edgy), older middle grade, romance (paranormal, urban fantasy, only), and some non-fiction (pop culture, technology, women’s issues). She’s not looking for chapter books, picture books, screenplays, poetry (this includes novels in verse), erotica, regency romance, inspirational, adult thrillers, adult horror or women’s fiction.

You can follow Kathleen on Twitter, and check out her blog too!

BBC: What are you reading right now and why do you like it? 
KO: I’ve been reading a lot of romance lately, but in the YA realm – I’m sifting through my ARCs of A Beautiful Dark, The Scorpio Races, and The Name of the Star.
I just recently opened back up to queries, so most of my reading consists of submissions.

BBC: Paper or plastic? 
KO: Doesn’t matter. I like reading. Period.

BBC: What’s on your bucket list? 
KO: Too many things to list, but the big one is to visit 30 countries before I turn 30 (17 down…13 more to go…)

BBC: Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull?
KO: Three words: Dear. God. No.  Haha…

BBC: What type of agent are you?
     a) Cheerleader
     b) Therapist
     c) Bushwhacking Guide
     d) Red Ink Saturation Committee Member
KO: e) all of the above.

BBC: If you had a guaranteed sell, what type of story would you like to represent?
KO: A well-written, heart-wrenching story about something that actually happens but not many people are aware of (customs, lifestyles, etc).

BBC: Tell me three things about yourself, one of them being a LIE!  First person to email me with the correct guess as to the lie gets… something awesome. 
KO: 1. I can speak Gaelic.
        2. I raised a pig as part of FFA.
        3. I’m a huge fan of poetry.

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  1. That would be my guess as well. But then again, if you play this game right then the most obvious lie is a truth….
    I'm beginning to feel like that guy on The Princess Bride with the poison.

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