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A Brief Note On the Application of Mascara

So, I mentioned earlier that it seems we’re unable to put mascara on without opening our mouths. Being the way I am, I had to know why. I asked someone who knows more about makeup than I do (which isn’t saying much) and she had the skinny!

It turns out that your eye muscles actually relax when you open your mouth. Try it. Focus on your eye muscles and then open your mouth. You can feel everything go slack up there in eye-land. Pretty interesting stuff.

Turns out it IS a biological imperative! I love it when I say idiotic things that turn out to be correct!

5 thoughts on “A Brief Note On the Application of Mascara

  1. Lora – yep, biological imperatives, baby. They get you everytime. I don't know if I write with my mouth open or not, but now I'm going to be thinking about it next time I set down to do the deed. It'll be like when you suddenly notice your nose in your peripheral vision, and then you can't unsee it. Stupid nose. Stupid mouth.

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