Frivolous Friday

Just some random information from me to you today. First off, if you don’t know Kristin Cashore’s new title BITTERBLUE has a release date (May 1, 2012) and a cover! I salivated a little when I saw it, but don’t judge me, kay? If you want to know more about BITTERBLUE check out this article from Publisher’s Weekly.

Your friend and mine, the Gatekeeper, posted recently about a new idea that seems to be catching on – author patronage. Check out this article from Salon if you want to know more about the rich people waiting to give you money to write your next book… or not. What turns me off most about this idea is the video pitch. Sure, some of us are clever and good-looking, but some of us aren’t. What will our introverted, unattractive, yet very talented writers do if this were our sole source of funding? Would Edgar Allan Poe put together a good video pitch?

Some random Friday knowledge for you, and good news – there is a formula for procrastination! It looks like this:

                                 (E)xpectation of success x (V)alue of completing the task
Desire to Finish =   ——————————————————————————
                                 (I)ndividual’s sensitivity to delay x (D)eadline of the task

However, we don’t have a cure for it yet. In a separate article, the researcher mentioned here stated that “continued research into procrastination should not be delayed.” No word yet on whether or not that was an on-purpose funny.

And lastly, I’m thinking about starting something new here on Writer, Writer. Since queries are the niggling thorn in the aspiring author’s side, I thought I’d offer up some free query advice here on the blog. I’m considering doing a weekly personalized query review here on the blog for my followers, the stipulations being that you must 1) be a follower 2) be okay with me posting your query and my review here on the blog. If this is something you would like to participate in please comment or contact me so I know there would be interest.

Happy weekend!

7 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday

  1. Oooh – Bitterblue has a release date! *minor hyperventilation followed by chocolate intake* Cannot. Wait.

    Hmmm…would those richey folk take a book trailer over a pitch? That'd be way more fun.

  2. *dabs saliva off several chins..including own*

    Finally, Bitterblue!

    Not sure what to think on the patronage thing…must consider it in depth before spouting off things I might not mean (to say)!

  3. Bitterblue!!

    Hooray, hooray!

    Queries…*shudders* THat would be immensely helpful.

    Btw, I gave you an award. Can't remember if I already told you.

    Have a good weekend, BBC!

  4. Green – I had some good feedback on this, so it looks like we're go for launch.

    Melodie, Caitlin – I know, right? Totally in awe of the cover.

    Cat – thanks for the quick clean up of my chin. I often miss that in the whole bathing process.

    Cherie – sweet! I'll check it out.

    Suma – You're quite welcome!

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