Book Talk – THE NAME OF THE STAR by Maureen Johnson

How do you catch a killer who’s already dead?

In modern day London, Louisiana native Rory Deveaux finds herself not quite fitting in at her British boarding school. Her studies demand every free second, she never seems to beat the morning rush to the showers, and she’s covered in bruises from unsuccessfully attempting to avoid the ball during field hockey – which is the exact opposite of her duties as goalie.

In a misguided attempt to impress her classmates at breakfast she does an impression of her aunt channeling spirits, and accidentally inhales her sausage. Yeah, our heroine is smooth like that, bless her. Nearly choking to death in front of the whole school might not win any popularity contests, but she does get a prize. Her near death experience awakens a dormant gene that allows her to see the dead.

Unaware of her new ability, she follows uber-cute prefect Jerome on a tour of his newest obsession – the site of the most recent Ripper murder. Someone is brutally re-enacting the murders of 1888, someone who manages to avoid detection of both the police and street cameras. Even though police can predict the time and approximate location of the next murder, this new and improved Ripper keeps getting away – and taking parts of his victims with him.

Rippermania isn’t exactly Rory’s idea of a good time, but impressing Jerome and pulling introverted roommate Jazza out of her shell is. At the site, she bumps into an oddly dressed man who seems surprised when she looks at him to apologize. He pops up again on the night of the next murder, chiding Rory and Jazza for evading campus security and slipping out of their dorm. Except, Jazza doesn’t see him, and Rory’s report to the police sets off alarm bells that bring in a newly formed group of British ghost fighters – the Shades of London.

As the Ripper’s fascination with Rory increases, so do the stakes. Torn between self-preservation and using her ability to protect the next innocent victim, it takes all of Rory’s Southern charm and fortitude to unravel the mystery of who London’s new Ripper is.


10 thoughts on “Book Talk – THE NAME OF THE STAR by Maureen Johnson

  1. Hello Mindy, I saw your link over at Just Jemi's blog and am stopping by to say hello. I just followed amd am w=awaiting a journey somewhere strange and awesome. Sounds like my high school daze errrr…. days.


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