Query Advice From Yours Truly

So last week I asked if there would be any interest in my hosting a query review here on the blog. It seems like quite a few of you are interested in feline assistance with that squirmy little letter, so I’m offering up my paws.

If you would like me to look at your query you must:
1) Be a follower of the blog
2) Be totally cool with me posting your query and my review on the blog

If you’re up for some BBC scrutiny send your query to bigblackcat97(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll email you back letting you know what day my crit of your query will be going up.

Should be fun!

Or incredibly painful!


9 thoughts on “Query Advice From Yours Truly

  1. Yvonne – I'm on subs, I need the distraction! 🙂

    Masako – done!

    Melodie – thanks so much, I appreciate it.

    Cherie – Ohhh, you're a quick one. I like it!

    Krista – thanks for the feedback, looks like we're a lock-in for the Query Cat.

    Kaylie – I imagine I'll be doing it for awhile if I keep getting willing participants.


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