Thursday Thoughts

I have a roving mind. I’m sure that’s a shock to everyone. Through the course of each week I tend to accumulate random wonderings in my mind, most of which never evolve into anything other than a niggling question that’s going to bother me until I 1) ask someone who knows or 2) go find the answer myself.
Thoughts lately:
1) Doesn’t the phrase “trained assassin” imply that there is such a thing as an “untrained assassin?”
2) If humans didn’t need sleep, we could be vastly more productive. I’m cheated of hours and hours of accomplishments because of a biological imperative. I don’t mind blinking and breathing, but sleeping… man, you I’ve got issues with.
3) I seem to only have impulse control Monday through Wednesday. Everything else is a crapshoot.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. On number 3:

    At work, we have a thing called the 40 hour rule. Once you hit 40 hours for the week, if you do something stupid, you can be excused by claiming the 40 hour rule. It's the 30 hour rule if you hit 30 by mid-Wednesday, so if you hit 30 hours mid-Wednesday then I think you are excused for losing impulse control.

  2. Okay have you ever heard of Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress? Just a not-so-little Sci Fi about genetic alteration to eliminate sleep and all the chaos that would ensue. 🙂 I'll warn you though, it's from the 80s.

  3. 1) Ooh, I hope if anybody ever hired a hit on me that they'd be frugal and get the untrained assassin. You know, the one that could bluff their way through the job interview and provide fake refs.

    2) But if you didn't sleep, think of the dreams you'd miss out on….

  4. Derrick – that's awesome! I'm going to start claiming the mid-afternoon rule 🙂

    Sarah – definitely going to look that up! Eliminating sheep would severely impact my knitting though.

    Jo-Ann – I'm picturing an overweight guy with a sweaty brow who smiles a lot but knows people who sound intimidating over the phone. And great point on the dreams – that's where the whole idea for my novel came from. *takes back sleeping complaint*

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