Fantastic Contests Alert and Me, Located Elsewhere

Steph from Maybe Genius is holding a fantastic contest this month! If you’re interested in awesome YA books that are signed by the authors that is…

AND you get a critique from Steph herself if you’re a winner!

Plus, if you feel like mosey-ing over to Authoress’ blog today, she’s got the details up for submitting to her totally awesome Baker’s Dozen agent contest. Definitely check that out – I was a Baker’s Dozen contestant last year, and while it wasn’t what landed me an agent, I did get requests out of it and more importantly – a much needed writer’s-self-esteem boost.

And I’m blogging over in Kelsey Sutton’s territory today. It’s well thought-out territory, the kind where messy paws such as mine should fear to tread. She’s a more organized kitty than me, so definitely hit up her writing process posts, and while you’re there check out my thoughts on the query process and how to keep from being stuck as long as I was.

4 thoughts on “Fantastic Contests Alert and Me, Located Elsewhere

  1. Never fear! I loved your post. I may be organized, but you're much wittier than I 😉

    Thanks for the awesome advice on queries!


  2. Just wanted to repost my comment on your guest blog:

    Sooooo goooood. I die for posts about the quagmire. Especially the ones that stuck in there for a long time; it saves me from the suicide, I mean crippling depression of the overnight successes I see all around me.

  3. Organization vs. wit… hmmm. I think you'd be the one to survive the zombie apocalypse, Kelsey.

    Jemi – Yes! I'm thrilled for Steph. She's definitely worked for it.

    Sophia – That's exactly why I chose to write about the quagmire. Overnight success stories are great, but it's like reading about someone winning the lottery. You think, Hey good for them, but that's never going to happen to me. My sweat and tears (and massive beginner mistakes) story is hopefully inspiring in its own way!

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