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Book Talk – DARK INSIDE by Jeyn Roberts

Earlier this year I connected with Jeyn Roberts for an SAT. I love getting tips from other writers about their own success. It’s even better when I get the chance to read their books (especially a debut novel!) and say to myself, “Hey! I know that lady!” Well, in an internet interview kind of way. With that in mind, I started reading my e-ARC of DARK INSIDE, but I kept reading it because it’s awesome.

A massive earthquake has ripped across the world, opening up wounds in the earth. With the quake comes one of the most horrific monsters you can imagine – yourself.

The monsters of DARK INSIDE are regular people, stripped of their positive qualities. The good angels on their shoulders are gone. They are left with only the bad things they’ve done ricocheting in their brains, urging them to do more.

The survivors of the earthquake now have to face these human monsters – called Baggers – who still have moments of clarity when their better, true selves shine through. A handful of teen narrators across the country tell their survival stories as they struggle towards a common goal.

But one of them is battling their inner Bagger, and with fate bringing them all to a collision course they have to fight to keep from being the one who condemns them all.

Today is release day for DARK INSIDE! Go get yourself a copy!

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  1. Whoa…that is SUCH A COOL concept. I'm going to check it out. Thanks, BBC and congrats Jeyn! (And how do we pronounce that? like JANE or JENN?)

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