Reality? Check.

So, something happened.

My agent, Adriann Ranta, sold NOT A DROP TO DRINK and its sequel to Sarah Shumway at Harper Collins. And my reaction to that is:

…. Uh, Wow. Actually, my immediate reaction was to take the Lord’s name in vain and slap my laptop shut. I then apologized to both Jesus and the Mac and double-checked the facts of the case. It was still true, I was conscious, and I was sold.

I’ve known since about seventh grade that I wanted to be an author; it’s been my life goal for a long time. So, now I’ve managed that.

Check mark.

I’ll give you the details tomorrow, as you can imagine the whole thing went down BBC-style, and is quite humorous.

29 thoughts on “Reality? Check.

  1. WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! That's incredible news BBC – can't wait to hear all the details. Super big congratulations! πŸ™‚

    Joining in the happy dance!

  2. Thanks, thanks everyone!! Honestly, I've just been waiting for the reality of it to hit. Which, it hasn't yet. I had freezer burnt fish sandwiches for dinner the other night and thought, “You know, you don't really have to keep eating these, you can afford something else now.” And the practical side of me said, “But you know, you really *like* these, and they're cheap!”

    Kendare – Thank you so much, agency-sister! BTW – ANNA is the book club book at my high school next month! I pitched it, but I didn't need to after they saw the cover and I explained the bisecting of an athlete.

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