Thanksgiving Thursday Thoughts

So, I know it’s a holiday and most people probably aren’t trolling the internet, wondering what I’m thinking about today. But just in case you are…

1) I’ve noticed lately that bad guys in the movies often make chilling directives into their cell phones and then break them in half, dumping them in a nearby trash can, assured that any and all evidence of their wrongdoing has now been obliterated. Somehow I don’t think that’s accurate…

2) Bad news from BBCLand my friends. Scott the Female Cat has fallen victim to the coyotes. At least, that’s my assumption, after having missed his androgynous presence for nearly a week. Yes, it really can be a wild world out here. These guys, however, are doing just fine. Of course.

3) Biological processes are very hard to circumvent. It’s getting colder outside and my bear tendencies are kicking in. I’m not hungry, but I keep eating. My brain keeps telling my body I want a nice protective layer of fat. My ego keeps saying,”DAMMIT!”

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thursday Thoughts

  1. I love the names you gave your feral hangers-on.

    Around here we tend to call cats who haven't quite gained householder status, but neverthelss hang-around “snot”. As in s'not our cat. Charming!

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