Thursday Thoughts

I have a roving mind. I’m sure that’s a shock to everyone. Through the course of each week I tend to accumulate random wonderings in my mind, most of which never evolve into anything other than a niggling question that’s going to bother me until I 1) ask someone who knows or 2) go find the answer myself.

Thoughts lately:

1) There’s a basic misunderstanding about libraries and bookstores. We’re not arranged the same way. So, for example, when a kid walks in and asks me where they mystery section is, I kind of want to stab myself in the face.

2) Smart people do really stupid things sometimes. I was cooking and freezing pumpkins this weekend and realized after putting the pumpkin in the Pyrex and the Pyrex in the oven that I hadn’t added the water in the pan. I like to do things the right way, so I added the water. Yeah. Even as I heard the shattering that preceded the POP of the pan exploding (inside the oven and right in front of my face, btw) I thought to myself; “Huh, what I just did was really stupid. I even understand the science of why this is about to-” KA-BLAM!

3) If you accidentally search for “pumpkings” instead of “pumpkins” it will really skew your Google results.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Goggle results are funny. I like it when they ask….”do you mean such and such?” as they change the spelling. Bookstores are still all about the books. Libraries are all about the computers, which are front and center. (In my local library.)

    I'm so old. I miss fingering through the card files.


  2. Ha. I used to work in a library and would sometimes get one worse than “Where's the mysteries?” We had people come in looking for “that book with a red cover.” Sometimes though, they would claim to have just turned it in a second ago. I can see how they probably thought it was just sitting on a stack behind the desk, so easy to find. Of course it was not in a small and tidy stack behind the desk, but in a huge pile of hundreds of books (many of which had red covers) that were being scanned in and placed on carts to reshelve.


  3. I hopped over here from Jen's blog. So nice to meet you, Mindy. I'm your newest follower here, and on Twitter.

    I've never exploded the Pyrex in the oven but I burned my arm countless times checking if a cake or a pie is baked in the center. Ouch. I am a messy cook and there is always so much clean up to do in my kitchen that I am slowly coming to a conclusion that cooking is not worth the effort, ha, ha (that's my brilliant excuse for a laziness).


  4. A.M., Kathryn – I have to tell you that I feel extreme relief knowing that I'm not the only person who has exploded Pyrex. Seriously. I was like, “DUH MINDY!!”

    Yvonne – We still have our paper card catalogs… they are the furniture that the computer card catalogs sit on 😉

    Book – Yep. Sooo familiar with that one. Also, “OK, my friend read this book, and it's about this girl who has some kind of ability, and then this cute guy shows up, and it had a one word title? What was that?”

    Angela – Thanks for following! Hopefully I can keep you entertained 🙂


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