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In Which You Experience Something Awesome

So I’m experiencing a complete and utter failure to come up with anything decent for an author photo. I complained about this on Twitter and one of my followers and AQers came up with a rather odd amalgamation of a pic of me, weapons, a crown, and the universe. My weekend has been a trail of those un-writerly times when the real world demands you pay attention to it, and so I’ve got nada for the blog today. And so you get me, on top of the world, packing heat and wearing a crown.

9 thoughts on “In Which You Experience Something Awesome

  1. It's the “packing heat” part that makes it you. And the “wearing a crown” that makes me laugh.

    Plus, if I'm not mistaken, are those neon go-go boots your wearing? πŸ˜€

  2. I like that fierce library Queen crown and photo! But you need a jetpack too…after all, you are zipping around the galaxy girl! Congratulations on the wonderful news!

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