In Which I Share A Secret

I’m human, and not actually a cat. I know. Shocking, right?

In the theme of being human I’m not at all prepared for the rest of December, shopping, cleaning, decorating, bathing, being socially acceptable, etc. So the blog may suffer slightly because of my human qualities over the rest of the month while I focus on my year-end writing goal, which is to finish the WIP.

I’ve still got some great interviews lined up for you and also some book reviews coming down the pipe, but I might just be skimping out on the WOLF’s, and the Thursday Thoughts probably won’t be publishable until January.

Today I give you School Library Journal’s top Non-Fiction picks for 2011. Check it out if you need to round out your Christmas list for any little readers in the fam.

3 thoughts on “In Which I Share A Secret

  1. Socially acceptable? I think I know what that means!
    Okay, I'm off to brush my hair, put some lipstick on, maybe some mascara! I'll even take the dog for a walk! I'll say hello and smile at every single person I pass. Maybe I wont' smile too much. Sometimes that can look weird. I'll nod instead. Yeah. Nod.
    That sort of sound about right? It's been a while for me too!
    I'm off to give it a go! Wish me luck! hehe : )

  2. EA – Oh, I know. The whole “hair and makeup” thing is what trips me up the most. I'm like, “What? I'm wearing clothes. This is all you can expect of me today.”

    Bethany – Oh yes, we're clear 🙂

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