Non-Fiction Fridays: SPOOK by Mary Roach

I joined an excellent reading challenge over on Goodreads – the Dusty Bookshelf. The idea is to make it your goal to read those books that have been setting on your shelf for… well, for however long they’ve been there. I’ve got one on my list that I bought in 1995.

This week I made the first dent in that list, with the non-fiction title SPOOK by Mary Roach. 
SPOOK is a critical, science-based journey through the world of the supernatural. Mediums, ectoplasm, EVP, apparitions, Near Death Experiences, and things that go bump in the night all fall under the discerning eye of the author.
If you’re hoping to emerge with proof of the supernatural, you’ll be disappointed. But what you will find here are some dedicated, respected people involved in hard science who DO believe, and think they can prove it. Their efforts so far may have been futile, but they haven’t given up.
Weighing dead mice, searching for extra stomachs inside of ectoplasm emitters, and asking the age old question of whether or not a woman’s vagina has room in there for a picnic table size of cloth – you’ll find all kinds of interesting experiments with assorted goals inside these pages.
And you’ll be entertained. For sure.

2 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Fridays: SPOOK by Mary Roach

  1. I used SPOOK for research on IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS. I love this book!!! It's also an excellent example of how nonfiction can be cheeky and entertaining.

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