Thursday Thoughts

I’ve had some random ones this week. Synapses are firing that perhaps I should question twice before admitting. But you know me…

1) If the powers that be want us to exit the building in a calm and orderly fashion during an emergency, why are fire alarms designed to induce panic?

2) Self-editing is kind of like flossing. You’ve got some extra stuff in there. You put it there, and it’s your job to get it out. It’s rotting the good stuff all around it.

3) I have the sudden urge to have a character named Madame Tunguska. I’ve got no plot line or anything.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I have been known to have to “find a place” for random characters who spring to life in my head. I also have the habit of stumbling upon a name and fleshing out a character based solely on the name. Strange how things come to fruition…

  2. Elizabeth – I'm glad it's an inspiration, or at least a distraction.

    TZ – isn't it odd that things that can fire our brains?

    mom – She either runs a brothel or is a Can-Can dancer. I'm not sure..

  3. So true about fire alarms. And flossing. And Madame Tunguska will be an awesome character once, you know, she has a plot and all that other fun stuff.

    Your synapses are hilarious.

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