Book Talk – AFTER THE SNOW by S.D. Crockett

Willo’s world is a frozen place where barest hints of life before the oceans broke are bound between the pages of a book. His father raised him to be the light, a beacon of hope and self-sufficiency in a place where people are easily controlled by the promises of food and warmth. The cities teem with the grog-addicted masses who are unable to care for themselves, while the efficient people who eek out a quiet life in the country are considered outlaws who will not conform.

Willo has heard his father’s lessons of hope and peace his whole life, but a stronger voice overrides them. The wild dogs of the icy countryside look after themselves and Willo’s survival instinct speaks in their terms, telling him to remain number one in his own mind at all costs. The dog-voice has saved Willo more than once in the wilderness, but when Willo’s father and siblings are taken away in a raid, he has to decide whether self-preservation super-cedes their bonds.
AFTER THE SNOW is an incredible debut about survival and human relationships, the choices we make that define who we are, and the internal struggles that we all face, whether we acknowledge it as dog-voice or Ego. Willo’s voice is deceptively simple, a refreshing POV in which to question the murky depths of human nature.

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