Stick Mindy!

Who knew my vlog about author photo freak-out would inspire artwork?

Thanks to my agency mate Cyndi Marko for this fantastic pencil sketch of me, complete with conical boobs and chin dimple.

Also, everyone check me out on Suzi Retzlaff’s blog answering this week’s question!

5 thoughts on “Stick Mindy!

  1. Thanks.

    Are you thinking of using this as your book picture? Gonna start something new?

    Gotta tell you… (sorry this will get long)

    I considered using another question for this week. I got tagged in the Lucky 7 MeMe and in my posting (which will appear Sunday), I have a swear word.

    Back to the author questions. You have a 'shit' on one of your answers, so when I posted that, I was going to give you a hard time because it would've been the first time a swear word graced my blog.

    I decided to switch to that question so you could be first and I could razz you. Except, I realized that your answer was first that day. So the first thing a reader would see was your short one word answer: shit. Not that I really care about it, but maybe not for the first answer. (Totally sorry for overusing first)

    So I changed back to the tv/song/movie question and now come Sunday I will use the first swear word ever on my blog, instead of giving that honor to you.

    But I still wanted to give you a hard time.

    And I guess it's time for my blog to grow up.

  2. Jaye – thanks! I had a lot of fun making it!

    Marin – It's a very true to life sketch then 🙂

    Suzi – Writer, edit thyself! No seriously, well, it's either your blog needs to grow up or I do… kind of a toss up, that.

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