Book Talk – SLIDE by Jill Hathaway

Sylvia fights sleep with prescription drugs and caffeine as her weapons. But narcolepsy always gets the upper hand, and with it comes the slide.

A borrowed shirt from her sister, an earring picked up in the school hallway, a piece of paper taped to the front door – any of these things can carry an emotional imprint that slides Sylvia into the body of the owner. An impotent passenger, she’s along for the ride until she awakes.

So far in life her ability has only been a nuisance and an embarrassment. Her best guy friend, Rollins, thinks she has OCD because she refuses to touch other people’s belongings, and she’s slid into classmates at times when they most certainly wouldn’t want other people to know what they were doing.

But chance slides Sylvia into the body of a murderer moments after the crime was committed. She knows that her little sister’s best friend didn’t kill herself, but she can’t tell anyone. No matter how much she wants to alleviate her sister’s guilt over the nasty prank she pulled the day before her friend supposedly killed herself, Sylvia’s tongue is tied.

When another classmate kills herself, Sylvia begins to force the slide in an effort to get to the killer before he claims his next victim. She desperately lifts personal items from the teacher who may have been the father of one victim’s unborn baby. A gift from Rollins accidentally lands her in his body only minutes before the death of another victim, who he is with.

The slide is teaching her that nothing is what it seems, and you never know anyone as well as you thought.


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