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I’m naming my next pet that. It’ll be fun to stand on the front porch and yell, “Heeeereeee, Bloggity Blog Blog! Dinnnnner, Bloggity Blog Blog!”

Not really. And if you’d like to read a real blog post from me today, head on over to From the Write Angle, where I’m talking about how to behave on the internet. And yes, I actually do consider that from time to time.

And if you’re *really* interested in all the things I have to say about stuff, come see the Truth or Dare I’m playing today over at the Friday the Thirteeners blog. I’ve been initiated 🙂

And if you’re not completely sick of me at that point, I’m over at Suzi Retzlaff’s blog for the continuing Big Reveal series, along with some other fabulous authors.

So I’ve been blogging for a year, and I admit to loving the crap right out of it. I hope you love the crap right out of it, too.

And now it’s your chance to tell me what you want. You may have noticed that I dropped the Wednesday Wolf (word origins) posts, and I haven’t been doing Thursday Thoughts either. Do you miss it? Do you want to know where we get our archaic phrases and what I’m thinking about random stuff? Do you like my interviews? What about the book reviews? More vlogs? Or do you never want to see my stinky face again?

More? Less? The same?

There’s a handy little poll hanging out under my face ———————————->>>

It’ll be there until 3/31. So will my face.

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  1. I haven't been following you long enough to vote I'm afraid. (Or at least I was 'following' you, but your blog was one of about six or seven that had fallen off my reader and I just found it again!).

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