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Book Talk – MAGIC UNDER STONE by Jaclyn Dolamore

At the end of MAGIC UNDER GLASS we left Erris and Nimira about to embark on a journey to find Ordorio Valdana, a powerful sorcerer who may be able to restore Erris to his rightful body, rather than the half-flesh, half-clockwork prison brought him only halfway from his automaton state.

MAGIC UNDER STONE begins with the lovers in an unenviable position. Erris’ body is partially restored, but his spirit still yearns for the full freedom of his faery body. Unable to love Nimira properly, he draws away from her, and as they travel to find Valdana she questions whether delivering Erris from one captivity to another was any kind of rescue at all.

Her hopes fall even lower when they arrive at Valdana’s home to find the master gone, and the only servant a human girl whose face is badly scarred by fire. But there is another resident, one with a powerful charm around her to make those who meet her forget her existence; Violet, the daughter of Valdana and Mel, Erris’ sister. Part-human, part-faery and 100% spoiled, Violet stands to inherit the faery throne as the last living Tanharrow.

But another family is on the throne of Telmirra, and a recently freed jinn is bound to their throne. The jinn’s magic is able to counteract Violet’s protective faery charm, and he remembers her after a chance meeting in the forest. Aided in part by the hair bow she innocently slipped into his hands so that he would not forget her, the reluctant jinn is forced to spill the secret of Violet’s existence to his master.

With Erris’ partially clockwork body damaged, and Nim’s spirit weakened by the weight of his grief, they face a powerful enemy in a land where Erris’ should reign, if only they can restore his body.

Dolamore once again captures her reader with a lyrical touch, easily bringing her readers back into Nimira’s world within the first few sentences. Fans of MAGIC UNDER GLASS will be thrilled with the sequel!