When The Internet’s Away the Cat Will…

Not do a whole hell of a lot, it turns out.

Yes, it’s sad but true. All last week I did not have internet at the homestead. It’s not because I’m going organic either, it’s because I have country internet. Hopefully everyone can bear with me while I address these issues. I’m caught up on my commenting from last week (thanks to everyone for dropping by while the blog took care of itself!) and today we’re playing catchup with my other appearances via some link-love, and also just a little house cleaning. (Hey, it IS spring.)

First off – thanks to everyone who voted in my poll! It turns out you guys want to see interviews from authors (no problem), more vlogs (gluttons), and for some reason people actually care what I’m thinking, so the Thursday Thoughts shall recommence (remember, you asked for it). While you may not absolutely adore my book-talks, it’s not in my nature to not share what I’m reading. But instead of featuring one book at a time, I’ll probably do some overviews of what’s out, what’s new, what’s cool, and what’s making me happy this week.

My Linkety Links:  Last month I spoke at the regional SCBWI meeting. If you want a great overview of everything I said, and exactly how damn charming I am (oh, yes – really), check out this excellent write-up from K.S. Powers. I didn’t even know she was taking notes, I would’ve talked slower. Maybe.

Suzi Retzlaff features dribbles of wisdom from me (wisdom content has not been evaluated by MENSA), and people smarter than me on her continuing Big Reveal series.

Today I’m being featured over on the excellent Ellen Oh’s blog talking about what diversity means to me as a YA librarian. And it means a lot. You’d be surprised how much.

Lastly and by far the most important: my YA debut group Friday the Thirteeners are donating Crits for Water! If you want us to whip you into shape while you help save the world, this is the place to do it. Our particular donation opens for bidding / donations on June 28th. I’ll post a reminder when the date is closer.

Thanks everyone for hanging in while I was incommunicado last week. Even though the blog seems to have coasted without me fairly well, I still missed it and will stare it at lovingly most of the day today.

4 thoughts on “When The Internet’s Away the Cat Will…

  1. Dribbles of wisdom. Love that.

    I'm afraid your widsom isn't on display this week as tomorrow will be the only question with your one-word answer. This week you show us how you can be concise and to the point–a very important quality in a writer! 🙂

  2. Hey, I totally believe that you can be charming. I watched your author photo vlog, yo! 🙂 I need to hop over and read that. And good for the 13ers for giving crits for water. Goes well w/your book's theme, in fact. 🙂

  3. April – it's a mix of urban and farm girls. Can't go wrong 🙂

    Suzi – Good deal, even one word of wisdom is uh… wisdom-y.

    Anita – I know it! The call came out for water crits and I was like, I'M ON IT!!

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