Thursday Thoughts

Seriously? You guys like this stuff?

Well, apparently at least some of you do, because the poll said YES! Tell us more about your randomly firing synapses! Fine then. I will. Remember – you asked me to.

And before you bother reading my non-scripted stuff, check out an interview with me on Caterina Torres’ blog where I actually sound intelligent.

Thoughts Lately:

1) What’s the deal with tampons? What sick person came up with this? A pad… ok that makes some kind of sense. But who was the first person to say, “Hey! I know!”

2) I feel very sorry for the woman who provides the instructor’s voice on the Wii Fit. If I ever ran into her in public I would probably punch her in the throat on general principal.

3) I had a theory in college that if someone is eating easily dispensable food (like M&M’s) and you walked up to them looking pathetic with your mouth hanging open, they would feed you. It actually works most of the time. However – it does NOT work with someone else’s mobile hotspot.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Just wondering… does this make a sit-down comic instead of a standup one? Because I think it's unanimous that you're funny!

  2. OH! And that reminds me, I had a crazy theory like that while living in Texas. The roof to the Starbucks' by my apartment collapsed (but what was really weird was that they tore down the ENTIRE building and built it from scratch) and then a Bahama Bucks had a major fire. I then had a theory that any store with the word 'uck' in it wasn't safe. I was waiting for the Fuddruckers to go down.

  3. Rowan – awww… thanks 🙂 I'm horrifically boring in real life. My cat actually runs the blog.

    Cherie – 🙂

    EF – Awesome. You know how many sex shops that would take out?

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