Thursday Thoughts

Not a lot going on in real life at the moment, so the thoughts have been coming on hard and strong. And odd.

1) We need a new way of answering the telephone. Even though we have caller ID, and most of our calls are from people already programmed into our phones, we still answer with, “Hello?” with that little uptick of a question on the end. What are we asking? We know who it is.

2) On the other hand, when you get a call from an unrecognized number we either A) Don’t answer or B) say, “Hello?” with a slightly suspicious tone that implies the caller has no business calling.

3) The little pre-programmed sells at McDonald’s drive thru (Welcome to McDonalds, would you like to try an apple pie today?”) don’t actually work, because the real person taking your order has either started blocking it out, or there’s a dead space immediately following the programmed offer in which they can’t hear the customer. Trust me. I ordered 20 apple pies the other day to see what happened. Nada apple pie. Got a chicken sandwich though!

11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. It still throws me off when I call someone and they just say “Hi, Yvonne.” I wanted a “Hello”! I hate the programmed greetings in fast food lanes and I hate it that nobody answers their phone anymore unless they know who's calling. I'm an old fashioned nerd.

    Hey, Mindy, I posted a link to an interview about my wip you helped me with. I just thought you'd be interested:)

  2. I hate those pre-programmed sells. So annoying. I go to fast food to get food fast. Not have 10 seconds wasted on something I don't want. 🙂 I always wonder if the person speaking is actually in the building or if they're in some call center somewhere.

  3. I don't do #1 most of the time, actually. Almost the only person I talk to on the phone is my mother, and when she calls, it's more of a “Hello!” than a “Hello?” sometimes immediately followed by a “How's it going?”

    And it's been long enough since I went through a drive-thru (or to a McDonald's at all) that I had no idea those pre-programmed sells exist. Guess I'm out of touch. 😛

  4. I totally agree with the phone thing. If it's someone I know well I usually answer with, “Hey! What's up?” Otherwise I have to fake not knowing, which feels almost deceptive and shameful…

  5. I'm rarely smug, but I haven't been to McDonalds in 20 years. McDonalds can rot in hell. I'm a hardcore food snob. I'm one of those charming/annoying people who make all their own salad dressing, from scratch, olive oil, salt, pepper, mustard, lemon juice…

    Okay. I'm done pissing everyone off now.

  6. I haven't had a McD's apple pie in YEARS. So crispy and warm when they slide out of that little paper sleeve…*slurp* Damn, I'm premenstrual.

    Lately I've been answering the phone, “What up, Yo?” It makes me feel street.

  7. Baby H is rubbing off on you, Bethany!! LOL isn't “What up, Yo?” her tagline?

    Mindy, we need start a revolution! Let's start the anti-hello movement by answering the phone with something ridiculous from now on. You know, like, “Welcome to 's phone, would you like an apple pie today?”

  8. heh. It's supposed to say “Welcome to *insert name*'s phone, would like an apple pie today?”, but I guess the comment gods decided to exclude part of my comment…

  9. Yvonne – awesome! I will check out it out this evening.

    Suzi – Agreed. But at the same time I get weirded out when there's an actual person standing out there taking orders (my McDonald's starting doing that during lunch hour). I'm like, “Dude, don't look at my face when I'm ordering.”

    RC – Clearly, your powers of self-control are much more honed than mine. Also, your diet is going to get shallocked when I'm there 🙂

    Ryan – Totally!! “Hello??” It's like, “I'm pretending to not know you.” ?? We're weird. All of us.

    April – You should live with me and cook for both of us. I'd be healthier and you'd be… well you'd be really irritated but I'd be healthier 🙂

    Bethany – Apple pie. nom nom

    AM – So far, all of the revolutions I tried to start have fizzled out. But I'm willing to try…

  10. Who said anything about my diet? 😛 No McDonald's, but there are plenty of other I-shouldn't-eat-this-but-will-anyway things out there. 😉 Also, I'm anti-drive-thru in general, so if Wendy's has the same kind of thing, I wouldn't know that, either.

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