It’ll Be A Trip

It’s going to be a fun week for me! I’m getting on a plane Thursday for New Mexico to meet my crit partner RC Lewis. One of our fellow AQC’ers teased us that once our ultra-long personal message over there had reached 250 pages we were required to meet in person.

And oddly enough, that’s pretty accurate!

While I’m sure that *both* of us are looking forward to me invading her personal space for three days, it’s also my first speaking date as an author. I’ll be talking about myself (easy), my book (sure!), and writing (what now?) to kindergartners through seniors.

I’ve been practicing up by not swearing in public. Wish me luck! I’ll report back to you (or maybe RC will) and let you know how it went.

8 thoughts on “It’ll Be A Trip

  1. BTW, I'm going to make you practice a little of your presentation Thursday night and try to mock-interpret you, just to see how your pace is.

    No pressure. šŸ˜‰

  2. HOW FUN!!!! Mindy, this is big time exciting stuff. I cannot wait to meet my Critter in person, which will happen this August. A monumental occasion. WE WANT PICTURES!!


  3. RC – I'm guessing that will be the evening that you get really good at saying, “Slow down.”

    Bethany – I think pictures are a given, maybe even a video if RC is feeling video-y.

    Marin – I should be OK… I got through the last regional SCBWI presentation. Although I did lean on “sucks” a lot.

    Rena – I'll be at the school where RC teaches, New Mexico School for the Deaf.

    Yvonne – Thanks! I'm an “out” type person, so we should be good. My only concern is re-teaching myself to not project my voice since I'll have a microphone!

  4. Wish I could come and be your groupie. When I get rich – I'm totally there. Wait. Fat chance of that in my line of work. Maybe I could get a blue WV van and start living out of it with my whole family living on wild mushrooms while we follow you around the country with very little bathing…

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