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Book Talk – PRECIOUS BONES by Mika Ashley-Hollinger

Before you jump into the book talk for today, hop on over to the Friday the Thirteeners blog. I took a dare… complete with vlog. Enjoy yourself at my expense!

I won’t be the last person to compare Mika Ashley-Hollinger’s amazing debut novel, PRECIOUS BONES to Harper Lee’s iconic TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.

Raised in the isolated swamplands of 1948 Florida, ten-year-old Bones sees nothing odd about her name, the fact that she has a pet pig who sleeps in her bed, or the various items belonging to other people that her father, Nolay, brings home because they don’t seem to be using them.

Bones asks a lot of questions about her world, not understanding why some people look down on her because her mother is white and her father is a Miccosukee Indian, why her black neighbors have to sit in a different part of the train when they go into town, or why people don’t appreciate the wisdom of a brain-damaged war veteran who takes note of everything that passes by from his bench in front of the gas station.

The real world penetrates into Bones’ swampy haven when one of the Yankee land-grabbers that Nolay ran off his property turns up dead. Her father is under suspicion and living in the shadow of the electric chair unless someone can prove he wasn’t involved. Bones would rather take matters into her own hands than leave everything up to the local sheriff, who moves slower than pond water.

Together with her best friend Little Man, Bones braves the swamp, the folktale fears of her childhood and the wandering gators in order to find the evidence that will make her father a free man.

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