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Last Call At The Oasis

Obviously the topic of this documentary is very close to my heart. I think the graphics I have included here don’t need much more explanation from me. Take a look, then have a drink. And be grateful for it.

After you do that, check out Take Part and support Trevor’s Law by signing the petition to increase assistance to areas affected by disease clusters caused by water contamination.

Tweet it. Share it. Talk about it.

Not a Drop to Drink TakePart.com and Last Call at the Oasis Infographic” width=
Via: TakePart.com


4 thoughts on “Last Call At The Oasis

  1. This is a subject dear to my heart too. That's a very sobering chart. Yes, I'm tweeting this as I drink coffee made with clean water from my tap that we take for granted,like electricity at the switch.

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