Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts today are of a the TV lean. In case you haven’t noticed, my internet at home has been spotty as hell, which leaves me watching early evening programming and wondering what disease I’ll contract next.

1) I remember when it wasn’t legal for prescription drugs to be advertised on TV. It’s pretty much all you see now, and I’m very tired of watching graying people enjoying their lives via picnics and boating while a friendly and responsible narrator explains what drug has made them so happy. For the sake of entertainment, I’d like to see the side-effects acted out during those twilight hour picnics: sudden rashes, nausea, bloating, sexual dysfunction, stroke, heart attack, and possible death. Now that’s an advertisement.

2) The Clue Crew on Jeopardy has the best job in the world. Paid flight to awesome and interesting international locations in order to shoot a five to ten second clip while standing near a historic beach or antiquated chess set. Me want do that.

3) Even my wacky brain can’t come up with a good way to film a reality TV show about writers. There’s only so much entertainment to be had out of watching people stare at their laptops and refresh their browsers. Maybe if we cut off fingers for every form rejection…

And speaking of form rejections – I’m being interviewed by AQC member Michelle4Laughs over on the For the Love of Writing blog. Michelle asked me to talk about getting the call from Adriann Ranta, so if you want to know how the decade long drought of form rejections ended (WITH all my digits attached), check it out!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. But the chopping of fingers would only go so far, too. After all, we only have twenty digits on our bodies. I don't know about you, but I would be fingerless and toeless and then the show would end on a sniveling, stumpy scrap of a human being.

  2. You know, I've always wondered about a writing reality show and how that would work. I still haven't come up with anything. Closest I got was an acting/theater reality show.

  3. Medication commercials also bug me so much. I loved the SNL fake ad for the HPV vaccination doll for girls – super funny.

  4. Kelsey – HA! Um… by my QueryTracker count I would not approximately 138 spare digits…

    EF – I honestly brainstormed it a little, and came up with nothing. It's. So. Damn. Not. Entertaining.

    Leslie – Mine would be called, “Procrastinate and Nap.”

    Stephsco – DUDE! Haven't seen it. Must YouTube.

    Anna – 🙂 I appreciate that more than you know! It's so hard to tell what people want on a blog. I'll keep the thoughts coming!

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