Thursday Thoughts

Today we’re going to talk about recycling, and other green-type things. Because that’s where my mind has been.

1) I love going past these new green communities and seeing their slogans. My goal is to find one that says, “We’re so green, we eat our own shit!”

2) I understand that packaging is a big part of the problem. No packaging. Packaging bad. Don’t buy things that are over-packaged. But… if it’s already packaged, then the damage is done. If nobody buys it, then the product that is packaged is wasted along with the packaging. This is a serious chicken / egg situation, if you ask me.

3) Have any of you ever been near a recycling plant? Wo – ow. Stanky. I know that sometimes you’ve got power through the bad to get to the good. I’m a country girl – I’ve smelled some smells, and that smell gets a gold star.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. There's a huge landfill where I used to live that produces methane that is sold. It's all mounded and green. My question though is: Why are there seagulls flying over? What do they want?

  2. Em – methane loving seagulls… that's short-story fodder right there!

    Bethany – it IS very much like a carnival up there. You should see the shit that doesn't make the blog 🙂

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