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Book Talk – DAEMONS IN THE MIST by Alicia Kat Dillman

Patrick has been infatuated with Nualla for years, but always from a distance. He’s a normal guy with normal friends, and she’s… she’s Nualla. Gorgeous, rich, and seemingly unaware he exists. That is, until the day he steps in between her and an outraged ex, and suddenly she’s very interested in him for no reason that he can think of – but he’s not questioning it too hard. After a crazy weekend in Vegas with Nualla’s friends, Patrick wakes up married to her.

This would pose problems for even the most normal teenager, but marrying Nualla carries its own set of risks. The fog and mist of San Francisco conceals more than just buildings. Nualla is a daemon, and not just any demon. She’s next in line to inherit leadership of the realm and while marrying a human doesn’t necessarily disqualify her, it does pose unique problems. Patrick has to turn daemon within a year, something he wasn’t quite counting on when he hopped a plane to Vegas.

And it turns out there was a good reason why Patrick always felt like he was invisible to Nualla… a very good reason.

From debut Indie author Alicia Kat Dillman, DAEMONS IN THE MIST takes the reader away from the expected cliches of paranormal romance and delivers a sweet love against the odds tale with a twist you won’t see coming.

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