Do You Like Me? Circle Yes Or No.

Because Facebook doesn’t have a “maybe” option. I’m a commitment kind of girl.

Yes, it’s true. What all this actually means is that I finally have a Facebook author page. This is your chance to prove that you like me, because as we all know Facebook is emotionally binding.

Also, I know *exactly* who I like, and to find out who (and just how much), pop on over to Cupid’s Literary Connection.

And if you want to check out an awesome interview with my pub housemate Liz Coley interviewing my other pub housemate Veronica Roth, you should probably check out The Lucky 13‘s today.

5 thoughts on “Do You Like Me? Circle Yes Or No.

  1. What? A Facebook author page??!! Then you have arrived! I'll “like” you but Facebook has dropped several pegs in my opinion since I found out that you can actually buy “likes”. Writers are above and beyond that but I guess for others it's a way to make revenue, buy a bunch of “likes” so you can sell a bunch of advertising

  2. Yvonne – I'm too broke to buy likes. Besides I'm a fan of making people like me against their will, not paying them to 🙂

    Dan – I know it. Are you ready? 😉

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