Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts this week have been of the natural world. It’s effing hot here in Ohio but I know that in January I’ll be irritated that I can’t go outside because it’s freezing. So I’ve been trekking outdoors anyway.

1) I’ve got a healthy colony of mockingbirds on my property. They’re very attractive birds, and also incredibly intelligent. I recently learned that they attack people they see as threats – what if we did that? I’m picturing urban housewives bursting out of front doors and tearing hairs from the jogger’s head that’s passed by one too many times.

2) You might have noticed this about me already, if you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest, but I have a weird fascination with buzzards. They are incredibly unattractive birds. Really, really ugly. But, God gave them some weight on the other end of the scale too, because those things can hover forever at incredible altitudes. Since they’re not hunters, I can only assume they go way up there and glide for the fun of it. Such interesting, weird, ugly things.

3) If a bug gets inside my car and I drive 30 miles away and it flies out – is it lost? Did it have a real home that it would go back to every night? Or is it just like, “Oh what a relief! That girl cannot sing.”

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  1. It's scary how many times I've wondered that about the bugs that stowaway in my car. (I'm referring to both the LOST and the GOD THAT CHICK CAN'T SING part) #tonedeaf

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