Book Talk – CINDER by Marissa Meyer PLUS Listen to Chapter One from Macmillan Audio For FREE!

Before you jump into this week’s Book Talk, check out the blog to blog dare over at Friday the Thirteeners today. But only do that if you want to see me dressed as an overly dramatic carrot reading a piece of self-important flash I wrote in 8th grade. If you don’t want to see that, you probably shouldn’t go there.

In a New Beijing where cyborgs can be farmed out as test subjects to battle the spreading plague, 36.4% cyborg and renowned mechanic CINDER has to be on her best behavior if she wants to survive. But even her best behavior isn’t enough for her stepmother once Cinder accidentally exposes one of her stepsisters to the plague. The medibots come for her in moments, and Cinder is as good as dead.

Or not… the Dr. at the testing center is fascinated by her, and Cinder finds herself on the fast-track to possibly being the answer to the plague that has burned through thousands already, a plague that is rumored to come with escaping Lunars – people from the original colony on the moon who are attempting to escape the tyrannical reign of their power-hungry Queen.

Cinder is willing to trade her immune blood if her ill stepsister is the first to receive the treatment. But a chance meeting with Prince Kai lands his favorite bot in her shop, along with secret information about the whereabouts of the long-lost Lunar princess, who is the rightful heir to the throne. Soon the plague isn’t her main worry anymore as universal secrets and long-unanswered questions about her past are firing through Cinder’s wires… along with forbidden feelings for Prince Kai.

Why would Prince Kai look twice at her – a cyborg mechanic in cargo pants whose foot doesn’t fit anymore – when he could have the gorgeous and irresistible Lunar Queen?

Sounds excellent, right? No, really – it actually *sounds* excellent! CINDER is also available from Macmillan Audio, and you can listen to Chapter One right here, right now!