Thursday Thoughts & A Launch Giveaway!

Yes, it’s true. I’ve made a vlog NOT designed to be funny. And if anyone out there is thinking, “Wait, those earlier ones were supposed to be funny?” I will cry. Like, right now. The Class of 2k13 launches today with giveaways and blog posts about the inspiration behind our stories. Since I just love filming myself talking to nobody in my dining room I went ahead and made a vlog. This is your chance to see me being serious, and sounding like someone that actually should have two degrees.

The Class of 2k13 wanted to do something a little different for our giveaway. So if you want to win a prize package with swag as well as little sumpin-sumpin’s related to all our books, hit it up!

But anyway, I know you’re dying for the Thursday Thoughts –

Thoughts this week:

1) Common sense is not aptly named.

2) There needs to be some kind of study done with electric shock to create aversion to calories.

3) Someone needs to create a pill that makes cat poop smell good. That would be so incredible. The house starts to smell a little stuffy and you’re thinking, “Man, I wish the cat would take a crap already.”

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