Book Talk – TIME BETWEEN US by Tamara Ireland Stone

Anna couldn’t be more stuck in her suburban Chicago home. Even though she runs every morning, she’s never actually been anywhere. The world map covering her bedroom wall that’s supposed to show her travels only has pins stuck in a tight cluster around her home. It feels like nothing will ever change for Anna, until she meets Bennet.

He’s watching her morning run from the bleachers when she first spots him, but when he’s introduced later in the day as the proverbial new kid in town he pretends to have not seen her there. He’s cute enough that she’s willing to let that odd fact slide, until he presents her with another – distinctly odder – one.

Bennet can slide through places, going anywhere he chooses only by visualizing it. He proves it to Anna by taking her to a deserted island for an afternoon, and plopping her back into her bedroom only minutes after they left. The pins on Anna’s map start to spread as Bennet opens the world to her, giving Anna experiences she never could have otherwise.

Only, Bennet’s not sharing the entire truth with her. He can slide through time, too. Anna is from 1995, Bennet lives in 2012. He’s only staying in the 90s long enough to find his sister again, who he lost while attending a particularly boisterous Pearl Jam concert she wanted to see. As his time in her world begins running short, his powers fade and the two have to face the problem of a love that’s challenged not only by distance, but by a timeline as well.

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