Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) Shouldn’t the magazine National Geographic technically be called International Geographic?

2) I’m thrilled that The Walking Dead references pop up everywhere in our culture now, from action heroes to tricked-out cross bows. But when will the fashion hit? I want rumpled, exhausted and kind-of-dirty to be in. It would save so much time.

3) Oh, high school body. How I maligned and scorned you then. I had no idea. I want you back so I can admire you. The same is not true of the high school boyfriend.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Okay. I thought I'd do some research for you.

    Disclaimer: My information comes from Wikipedia.

    NG Magazine was first published in 1888. (Yes, that's the 1800s, not a mis-type.) It was mostly a text magazine until 1905, when they published a big spread of photographs from Tibet. And then they started becomming known for their great pictures.

    My conclusions:
    When NG was started, it was probably only the United States. Cause you know, in 1888, magazine printing technology wasn't that great. Digital photography not quite there. And hell, who'd want to lug a giant camera on a boat to go to China(because planes weren't around). Um, not me.

    Hence, when they started to branch out and somebody realized the mistake, it was too late. They didn't want to change it because everyone knew them as National Geographic.

    It all comes down to branding.

    So that's my theory! 🙂

  2. Darke – I don't the cleavage, it's just that it's not limiting itself to boobs these days.

    Elsie – that's considered haute in my living room.

    emfant – I'll assume you're just agreeing with all three points emphatically 😉

    Suzi – see? They didn't plan ahead. They pidgeon holed themselves. But er… it worked out.

    Jessica – You have no idea how happy I am when people actually give a crap about my ridiculousity. < --not a word.

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