Thursday Thoughts

So, I’ve been watching (and enjoying, for the most part) Revolution on NBC. I just caught up this past week though, having lost interest in the pilot about twenty minutes in. A student and fellow LOST fanatic talked me back into it, so I’ve been catching up by streaming online. Thoughts for this week are centered around the show, so sorry if you don’t watch. Hopefully you’re still entertained.

1) The premise is fun. We lost all our electricity for some random reason and the ensuing panic caused the vast majority of the human race to kill each other and / or die because of a general lack of survival skills. OK cool – yet, uh… the entire plot is revolving around getting the power back on. It’s like saying, “Alright, we’ve learned how to make it without something that pretty much crippled us when taken away the first time. We’re making it our priority to get it back so that we can become dependent again and lose all the skills we’ve learned – sound good?”

2) Like I said, I’m streaming the show online so I get 30 second ads at intervals. And all the ads are for… Revolution. Seriously? I’m already watching it. You’d think my iPad would be smart enough to know that I’ve been lying here for three hours straight doing exactly that. A better ad would be for adult diapers.

3) I’d love to see an ad with a voiceover running this: “In a world where millions once lived, the handful of attractive female survivors struggle to find clothes that cover their well-muscled torsos. The less attractive female extras manage just fine.”

7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Yeah, #3 is great.

    When you're streaming the show online, can you fast forward through commercials? It really bugs me how on DVDs sometimes, when I try FF through that crap at the beginning, it tells me I can't.

  2. You should be watching Fringe. I hope you are.

    And, believe it or not, Once Upon A Time. You have to look really carefully at the title “page” — it gives you hints of what's to come in the episode. If you liked Lost, you'll like OUAT.

  3. I know it – everyone keeps telling me I would love both Fringe & OUAT. But I've got to cut corners when it comes to television. Right now I watch Castle, Walking Dead, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, and it looks like I'll be watching Revolution. So… that's a lot of time out of my life already!

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