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Release Date!

And so I have a release date! Or rather, NOT A DROP TO DRINK has a release date. It has been decided that for the good of the public I shall never be released.

So, write it on your calendar, get a tattoo, shave it onto your dog’s back. 
Also, make sure you know your month numbers so that you don’t do what I did and say, “That’s awesome! I love August!” and then have your editor say… “Um, that’s great Mindy, but your release date is in September.”
And remember, release dates are subject to change. So maybe skip the tatt.

12 thoughts on “Release Date!

  1. That is so cool! And wouldn't you know, it's my daughter's birthday too. Hmmm, maybe you and I can work out some kind of signed copy of your book thingy for a birthday gift…? 🙂


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