Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) I bought myself a nice, big HDTV to replace my old TV which was –
    A: Square shaped
    B: 200 lbs.
    C: If you walked into the room on your heels nice and hard (like I do) the picture went    

So I’ve entered the world of High Def and I have a complaint. It looks too real. Everything looks like a home video. I don’t know *why* this is, but I’m not sure I like it. The Walking Dead looks like I know zombies personally.

2) I’m trying to eat better and am OK with spending a little more money to do so. I made the leap to Greek yogurt. It tastes like bile. I’m sorry, but it does. So what I’ve learned this week as a consumer is that the more money you spend, the more frightened you are of TV and you get to taste vomit without the inconvenience of actually vomiting.

3) I stepped on a rake this morning and hit myself in the face. Yes, really. I’m now on high-alert for discarded banana peels and ACME products.

16 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. You actually smacked yourself in the face by stepping on a rake? I had no idea that really happened. 🙂 Stay away from falling anvils. And for the record, I don't like Greek yogurt either, although it works great as a starter for making your own American yogurt.

  2. Marin – RIGHT!?! Yes, it happens in real life, and for the record it REALLY HURTS. I had to lie on the ground for a little while, and you know how cold it was this morning. Didn't help that it knocked my glasses clean off my face and I couldn't find them. Ahhh… the joys of being clumsy as hell.

  3. Poor Mindy. I am sympathetic but ashamed to say that this cracks me up. Thankfully the clumsy McGinnis gene went to my sister–she broke her collar bone tripping over her own feet. Then she broke the other one falling out of bed. 🙂 And I really hope she doesn't read your blog or she'd kill me for saying this.

  4. I just got a new HGTV and had the SAME reaction. Something about the picture reminds me of the old school soaps my mom used to watch, while at the same time looking almost too real. Freaky.

  5. That's our number one complaint with our super fancy tv… We can tell when they've repainted Nerf guns for Torchwood and when they use a green screen in Doctor Who. On our old tv we couldn't. It's just TOO real looking.

  6. The only time I can stomach greek yogurt is if it's flavored, bc you are totally right about it being a tad gross otherwise. Never seen Walking Dead, so I can't gripe about the zombie effects lol but I know what ya mean about some tvs being too good! Sorry about your face–er, I mean, about you getting whacked in the face by a rake 😉

  7. I think our brain-share has gone off-kilter. I like our HDTV. And I like Greek yogurt (but mostly just one brand … the others I've tried, meh). 😛

    Sorry about the rake. (Have you played Plants vs. Zombies on your iPad? You get to use rake-on-the-lawn as an offensive weapon.)

  8. I think my HD TV is being screwy. It has too much D right now.

    And the Greek yogurt I have is uh… not quite right. I'm guessing that the Honey flavored part isn't doing it any favors.

  9. This post makes me very happy that I don't eat Greek yogurt, keep rakes hanging in the garage, and have an old low-def TV (and happy that I don't watch porn if I ever get HDTV).

  10. Yes, the HD TV takes some getting used to, but don't worry- you will. Movies look awesome. Sports look weird.
    Greek yogurt- definitely better for you, but like the tv takes some getting used to. Good luck!

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