Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately:

1) Why do we say “Hey there?” to people? It makes no sense, as it’s usually used when walking towards someone. Technically you’re using the same area. Shouldn’t it be, “Hey here?”

2) What about “Hey you?” I think they “you” is implied. No one ever says, “Hey me.”

3) For that matter, why do we say “Hello” at all? Isn’t that implied too? Yes, Hello. Can we move on now?

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I think Hello is used to verify the lines of communication are open. It's funny that in that sense it's also used in phone conversations when the connection gets spotty, people start saying hello to each other in the middle of a conversation, which to me is another example of how it's more than just a greeting it's like our ping we send out to each other: I'm here communicating with you, are you communicating with me?
    It can be rather redundant though, we could just all make eye contact and start in with actual content.

  2. Brighton – great point, I'll give you that. I feel like “Hello” in terms of what you're saying then become the same thing as a Prologue – kind of useless. Kind of like “Prologue / Hello” – OK and *now* I'm ready to communicate. “Hello” starts your story in the wrong place.

    Jaye – Yeah that would totally wig me out. I'm here! I'm right here! Can you not see me? Do I exist?!?! AAAGGGH!!

  3. I studied abroad in Australia (woots shout out to my down under peeps!!!) and there instead of “How are you doing?” they say “How are you GOING?” LOL Imagine everybody's reaction when I came home to the states and said that…..everyone was like “I'm still here?”

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