I Am Still Here

Well, it’s 2013. We made it through the Mayan Apocalypse just fine, and New Year’s Eve found me dancing to some Michael Jackson music.

So really, it *does* kind of seem like a part of the world might have ended. The part where Mindy has some modicum of self-respect and her friends have not been exposed to what amounts to a lot of awkward jerking while standing up.

But I digress –

I’m still here! I’ve had a lot of guest bloggers during the month of December, as I was tearing apart a particularly mean-tempered ms in the attempt to flog it into shape. This book baby is my red-headed stepchild, the one you secretly love for being so irascible but that doesn’t mean you haven’t considered shoving it in the closet and throwing away the key once or twice.

This particular ms has been 8 years in the meat grinder, and it may end up as puree yet. But it’s currently testing the palates of a couple fresh crit partners, so we’ll see what kind of feedback I get.

In the meantime – 2013 is looking pretty interesting. I’m here. It’s here. We have met.

And this blog is back with Mindy at the helm.

I come bearing a question. How do you feel about word clouds? Annoying? Bulky? Useful? Can anyone think of a better way for readers to access older material on a blog? I’m open to suggestions, as the blog is going to be seeing face-lift in the coming weeks.

For those of you who missed it, in the interim I was featured along with my fellow Class of 2k13 mates over at the librarian blog Stacked! Check out my short Twitterview, where I answer questions about NOT A DROP TO DRINK in 140 characters.

4 thoughts on “I Am Still Here

  1. On word clouds: They are useful, but not in the way most people think. I do them to check if they come out right. As in, do I have a “just” glaring in the center of my cloud larger than the best friend's name. Other than that, they are like poetry, some people love them, some people hate them.

  2. I like word clouds.

    My first manuscript is my red-headed stepchild. It's been in time-out for almost a year now. There are a lot of things I love about it, but the pacing . . . OH, the pacing.

    Wishing you the best with yours!

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