Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) We’re taught that certain tastes in candy are the equivalent to a “natural” flavor. But it’s simply not true. Next time you taste anything candy-style that claims to be Banana or Watermelon, actually stop and think about it. It bears no resemblance to either one of those real tastes, but if you taste it you immediately say, “Oh yes, that’s banana / watermelon.” Um… actually, it’s not.

Unsure what to do with this philosophical conundrum.

2) Despite the fact that I live with two dogs (Australian Shepherd & German Shepherd) and two cats (one a Turkish Angora), it’s MY hair that breaks the vacuum. Yes. A Dyson, nonetheless. One day my hair will rule the world, I swear it. Just ask the drain. Or the headrest in my car.

3) Once it’s lower than 15 or so degrees you really can’t tell the difference. You just walk outside and think, “Wow, it’s really cold.” The difference between 15 and -15 doesn’t really register. Until you die more quickly. Then it probably matters quite a bit.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Okay- first off you blew my mind with the first comment it was like WHOA she is right! How did I never notice this?!

    Second- Mine too, I sadly have to cut the hair out of my Dyson every other time I vacuum- sick shit man. SMH.

    Third- I determine the difference by how many limbs feel like they're going to snap right off. If it's all of them, I know we're in the negatives.

    Fourth- This was the best blog post i've ever read.


  2. Nicole – Woo hoo!! I'm glad you like Thursday Thoughts. I can't guarantee that all of them are as deep and amazing as this one (ahem) but check the tag cloud for more random Mindy Shit.

    I will remember the Nicole Method For Judging The Temperature, it sounds effective. You're right – we feel downright brittle in the cold, don't we?


  3. Wow. My hair does crazy things to drains, let alone vacuums. I think I personally keep the people at Drano in business just by showering.
    As for the cold- you're totally right! The themperature gets to a certain point where it just doesn't matter. I say- let's go ice skating and make the best of it. What really gets me though is when people complain. I have to ask: It's January/February. Were you expecting soemthing different?


  4. Tracy – Yeah. I actually revel in the cold. I'm in Ohio so we do cold, and I have to laugh at people who get irritated at the temperature. It's like, um… really? You should probably move then.

    Also I am always amused at the younger people who like to wear sandals and shorts when the temps are in the single digits. They're all tough, claim they “don't get cold.” I'm like, “Um, that's b/c your'e numb and about to lose a limb.”


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